A sign from the angels

Yesterday was a tough day.  So before I left work, I quietly sat at my desk and called on the angels.  I asked for a sign.  Normally I will find small white feathers in random places. A sure sign that the angels are always close by.

Yesterday I asked for a very specific sign.  I posed my question and asked for a sign :  either 4 feathers together since I normally find small white feathers all over the place, or one very specific unusual feather.  So I will know :  This is my sign.

I Googled for a bit and on another blog found the advice that one should give it a day or two.  Sometimes the sign you asked for takes a while to appear.  I set the attention that I will find my feather/s within the next day or two.

I left work at 4pm and arrived home at around 4:30pm.  This is what I found next to the gate at my home.  Neatly balanced in a corner, right by the wall so I couln’t miss it.


And an unusual feather it is!  My sign from my angels.  It is asymmetrical with a sort of ombre effect.  White at the bottom, grey in the middle and black at the top.   My beautiful sign!



A rough week

The toughest part of this Twin Flame journey for me is that nobody really understands what I am going through. Even to me, a lot of the time, it just sounds like crazy talk.    That’s the main reason why I started this blog. It’s basically just a place for me to leave some thoughts: like a journal in a way.  And maybe someone out there sharing a similar journey will be able to read it later and it might be helpful for them too.

My Twin, I will still refer to him as Mr. X,  has decided to break contact for a while.  This is hard.  Really hard.  I know we will chat again.  But it is the when and the where and the how that currently haunts me.  I feel like I have bared my soul to this person and told him the deepest secrets of my heart.  And yet …  no response from him… nothing whatsoever….not even a ….. “I’m still processing this….just need some time….will chat soon…..”

My mind races and I start to think all kinds of things….  Is he with someone else? Is he giving up on our journey? Maybe I am just “too much” and he would rather be with someone who is uncomplicated?  Is it just too intense?

I have the same thoughts running through my mind….   Maybe I should just give up on our connection?

Giving up is not an option.

But I will surrender.

I will give him all the time he needs.  I will try to not make contact.  I will step back, to make room for him to step forward.  If he wants to…  When he wants to…

All I can do now is wait.

I surrender.

Roller-coaster romance 11:11

Mr. X replied to my message on the online dating site and I was on cloud nine…

We started chatting more and more. A few short messages turned into talking online for hours and hours at a time.  I soon deleted my dating profile and just focused on getting to know Mr.X better.

Unlike before, with Mr. X and I never ran out things to say….  I didn’t know how it was even possible but I felt I was falling in love with a guy that I only “knew” online.  But it felt like so much more.  It felt like I’ve known him my whole life.  I wanted to meet him.  I went online to find someone to date. The other guys wanted to meet after a couple of weeks.  Mr. X and I have been chatting for more than a month…and still, he didn’t want to meet me in person.  I was so confused. Little did I know that at this time he already knew about twin flames. He was starting to “awaken” but I was still “asleep”.  Still living in 3D as I’ve come to know.

I became very argumentative and wanted “out” numerous times. Told him:  I’m done. How could I possibly be so attached to a guy who “lived in my computer”?  I tried to ignore him but I was always drawn back.  I just couldn’t understand the magnetic pull. This went on for another 4 months.  I lost all interest in meeting anyone else.  And yet …  we kept arguing and triggering such intense emotions in each other.

I knew I had to go visit Hayley since I was desperately in need of some spiritual guidance. It was the most intense reading I’ve ever experienced.  At the end of the reading she drew the card that changed my perception forever: the Twin Flame Card from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards.  I immediately knew Mr X was my Twin Flame. 




Twin flame ? WTF ?

What on earth is a Twin Flame?

I am 37.  And single.  Technically I am single. I recently found out that I have a twin flame. Until 5 weeks ago I’ve never heard that term before. Let me backtrack and tell you how this journey started.

Last year I slowly but surely started to develop an interest in exploring a more spiritual path.  Curious and slightly apprehensive, I went to visit an energy healer for the first time.  Let’s call her, Haley.  I don’t want to sound too dramatic but Haley changed my life. She introduced me to energy healing. Helped me to deal with so many issues that have been holding me back from living life to the fullest.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of issues I have to deal with, but now I can’t imagine ever wanting to go back to living a “normal” life.  I’ve learned about oracle cards, rebalancing my chakras and meditation.

I have also asked Haley to do a few readings on my love life because,                                like any 30-something single female, I really started to feel frustrated with my single status. Where is this so-called Mr. Right? Why are relationships so hard?  In all honesty, at the end of last year, I had a mini-meltdown because things never seem to work out for me with regards to romance.  So I did what most single gals do nowadays.  I joined an online dating site. Yikes.

I hated it.  It’s not that I didn’t get any messages. In fact, I got quite a lot.  But these guys just didn’t interest me. I tried. I really tried.  Some of them even wanted to meet me. But somehow none of them could hold my interest for more than a few weeks.  Until. Mr. X showed up…  While scrolling through profiles, his picture just jumped out at me.  My first thoughts were:  “He is totally out of my league.”  I decided not to send him a message because a guy like THAT wouldn’t be interested in little old plain Jane me. So I just “liked” his profile and scrolled right on.

I forgot about him and continued to chat half-heartedly to other guys.  It was December and the holiday season was just about to start so I went offline for a while.  When I logged back on I realized that Mr. X sent me a message!  Oops, he sent the message 10 days earlier. I was pretty upset then that I didn’t log on sooner because he was bound to be “taken” already. I replied anyway. Not expecting a response but to my surprise he replied.  And that’s where it all started …

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