Roller-coaster romance 11:11

Mr. X replied to my message on the online dating site and I was on cloud nine…

We started chatting more and more. A few short messages turned into talking online for hours and hours at a time.  I soon deleted my dating profile and just focused on getting to know Mr.X better.

Unlike before, with Mr. X and I never ran out things to say….  I didn’t know how it was even possible but I felt I was falling in love with a guy that I only “knew” online.  But it felt like so much more.  It felt like I’ve known him my whole life.  I wanted to meet him.  I went online to find someone to date. The other guys wanted to meet after a couple of weeks.  Mr. X and I have been chatting for more than a month…and still, he didn’t want to meet me in person.  I was so confused. Little did I know that at this time he already knew about twin flames. He was starting to “awaken” but I was still “asleep”.  Still living in 3D as I’ve come to know.

I became very argumentative and wanted “out” numerous times. Told him:  I’m done. How could I possibly be so attached to a guy who “lived in my computer”?  I tried to ignore him but I was always drawn back.  I just couldn’t understand the magnetic pull. This went on for another 4 months.  I lost all interest in meeting anyone else.  And yet …  we kept arguing and triggering such intense emotions in each other.

I knew I had to go visit Hayley since I was desperately in need of some spiritual guidance. It was the most intense reading I’ve ever experienced.  At the end of the reading she drew the card that changed my perception forever: the Twin Flame Card from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards.  I immediately knew Mr X was my Twin Flame. 





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