A sign from the angels

Yesterday was a tough day.  So before I left work, I quietly sat at my desk and called on the angels.  I asked for a sign.  Normally I will find small white feathers in random places. A sure sign that the angels are always close by.

Yesterday I asked for a very specific sign.  I posed my question and asked for a sign :  either 4 feathers together since I normally find small white feathers all over the place, or one very specific unusual feather.  So I will know :  This is my sign.

I Googled for a bit and on another blog found the advice that one should give it a day or two.  Sometimes the sign you asked for takes a while to appear.  I set the attention that I will find my feather/s within the next day or two.

I left work at 4pm and arrived home at around 4:30pm.  This is what I found next to the gate at my home.  Neatly balanced in a corner, right by the wall so I couln’t miss it.


And an unusual feather it is!  My sign from my angels.  It is asymmetrical with a sort of ombre effect.  White at the bottom, grey in the middle and black at the top.   My beautiful sign!



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